Inspired by my glorious teachers and mentors throughout and in my life ~ Mrs. Doerr, Ms. Barrs, Mr. Waslynchuk ~ Mrs. Matsui, Mr. Bray ~  Ms. Borzak, Mr. Pfieff ~ Rebecca Budd and Dr. Rick Nason, professor extraordinaire ~ 

Dimension Multipliers by Nancy Fijan, December 2017

Mind prowess pours art, numbers, words, and notes,
Steaming flow of her inherent kettle;
Enough to power Watt’s divine engine,
Bubbling and brewing, soft budding petal.

Presenting a message, heeding her voice:
Visceral reason from wildfire within;
Fanned, stoked, and fueled by sagacious sages,
Trusted thinkers moving to underpin.

Prodigious dimension multipliers
Expanding her shy, humble manifold,
Toward the uncharted destination –
Circumventing personal pride foretold.

Beholden to the wise ones, who proclaim:
“Contribute a gift to the world? Yes, she’ll.”
Blooming flower in a luminous cup,
Awake is her devotion, joy and zeal.

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