Rain, Always

Inspired by a beautiful man – a poem by Nancy Fijan


Luscious drops descend on us like a thousand kisses –
Upwardly we gaze with curious intensity,
smiling and glancing at each other,
With aqua pura from the heavens,
we cleanse our minds
and release our sins.
We are no longer cold, and tired, and old.


Landslides of tears, for days gone by, and for days to come,
Make us feel, deeply, from our still beating hearts –
a riotous passion,
an uncommon sadness,
and a boundless bliss.
And for today –
your angelic soul silently shines
from your glistening eyes.


Lifting our loving spirits, the velvet sound of
earthly mortality
lulls –
Clarity arrives with the ping of each wet timeless charm.
Quenching our rapture as we bathe in warmly soothing rain –
is the quintessential existence of prolific substance,

Mutual Existence

This one is sentimental.

It was written just before I started university at a time when I was afraid to love, and never was shared until now.

– a poem for Blake by Nancy Fijan


Why was the yearning lust driven through our souls so suddenly?

Where did this prolonged desire once exist?

Were our hearts ignited through some mystical force?

Did this eruption of passion take place through fate?


There must be a blind understanding within our minds,

To show that the on rush of feelings was true love.

If we both devote ourselves to unravel this mystery,

We shall achieve something far greater than lust –

Mutual existence.

Dimension Multipliers

Inspired by my glorious teachers and mentors throughout and in my life ~ Mrs. Doerr, Ms. Barrs, Mr. Waslynchuk ~ Mrs. Matsui, Mr. Bray ~  Ms. Borzak, Mr. Pfieff ~ Rebecca Budd and Dr. Rick Nason, professor extraordinaire ~ 

Dimension Multipliers by Nancy Fijan, December 2017

Mind prowess pours art, numbers, words, and notes,
Steaming flow of her inherent kettle;
Enough to power Watt’s divine engine,
Bubbling and brewing, soft budding petal.

Presenting a message, heeding her voice:
Visceral reason from wildfire within;
Fanned, stoked, and fueled by sagacious sages,
Trusted thinkers moving to underpin.

Prodigious dimension multipliers
Expanding her shy, humble manifold,
Toward the uncharted destination –
Circumventing personal pride foretold.

Beholden to the wise ones, who proclaim:
“Contribute a gift to the world? Yes, she’ll.”
Blooming flower in a luminous cup,
Awake is her devotion, joy and zeal.