Inspired by my Dad and his daily lessons of how to connect with people with your best self

My Dad is a quiet giant, with a big heart and an incredible work ethic.

Spending the last 40 years of his life in Canada as a rough frame carpenter, building the most beautiful homes.  Always getting up at 5am, working 12 hours a day, and often in the most extreme temperatures, all year round. His skill in reading situations and connecting with people has served him well all his life, and ever since his father dropped him off with one suitcase in the middle of Zagreb when he was just 16 years old.

Although not perfect (who is really?) – he works through life’s demons with a selfless grace, always giving his best effort, acting loving, being forgiving and humble to the core. When in the crossfire of life, his understanding and awareness, his resilience and strength – help him survive and provide for his family, without complaining, without hesitation, and always out of love.

My Dad is the ultimate tough guy and best arm chair hockey coach ever, never having played the game. His love of sport and of competition reflects his passion and his drive – he expects athletes to give it their all, otherwise why play the game? What’s the point of getting paid millions of dollars to coast? “Give me a stick”, he often says, “I’ll show them how to do it, and for a fraction of the cost!”

My Dad is the ultimate tender heart – hand drawing the most beautiful birthday and anniversary cards for us over the years, left on the kitchen table before he went to work. Lovely sketches of balloons, flowers, small animals, umbrellas through hearts, and with the sweetest words. Worth more to us than all the gold in the world.

He teaches me about the power of laughter and the peace of patience, everyday and for as long as I can remember.

When situations are tense, emotions high, uncertainty and discomfort prevailing, he connects with people through laughter – sometimes self-deprecating, always with good intentions, and with a diffusing effect, all done masterfully with a quiet ease and gentle approach.

When life throws us decisions to make, he reminds us that, other than life or death, breathing and reflecting before immediately reacting brings peace of mind, to us and to all those around us – saving face, keeping relationships whole, and producing good karma.

Who is a quiet giant in your life, like my Dad, with a big heart and incredible work ethic? What have you learned from him?

3 Replies to “Patience and Laughter”

  1. A most excellent post! Today I celebrate the life of my father. He would have been 92 today! He lived a remarkable life and left profound and lasting memories that will sustain me as I move forward on my timeline. He reminded me to live boldly, courageously and believe that life was a miracle.


  2. What a nice human being Mr. Fijian was. We were neighbours for many many years years and his warmth, kindness was both genuine and contagious.

    He was always happy and easy to talk to with and he cared deeply about his neighbours. In bone chilling weather he would take out snow along with his daughters, for Mrs Wiggins, another icon at Shale Oak Mews. Always ready to help anyone.

    He certainly taught us all humility and Nancy and all sisters and mum were fortunate to have such a soul lead the family.

    He us dearly missed, always in our heart.

    Shiraz Nasser

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    1. Appreciate your warm sentiments about my Dad, Shiraz. You brought back many wonderful memories about him and his love for his family, friends, neighbours, and his faithful dog, Karchie. Tears filled my eyes and an overwhelming sensation of love filled my heart when reading your thoughtful words – I miss him everyday. You, Tazim, and your beautiful family have a special place in our hearts for all the wonderful memories we shared as neighbours.


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