I am strong. I am beautiful. I am brave.

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Inspired by my sisters, my nieces, and my sister friends, coast to coast in Canada, and around the world


Their eyes support you, and see you – conveying understanding, encouragement, empathy, and concern – without saying one word, holding the most beautiful secrets of your life, twinkling for you when you are experiencing pure happiness and joy, and comforting you during times of need.

Their hearts of gold envelop you – wrapping you up in tender care, kindness, and unconditional love – allowing you to expose your true self without fear, without hesitation, and without judgement.

They know when to make you laugh, using boisterous words – jiggling your belly and filling your eyes with tears – soothing your soul, releasing all anxiety and tension, breathing in better tomorrows.

Their individual strength and strength in numbers, their presence and their voice – always protecting children, always nurturing the earth – creating resilient energy from an internal drive to live and move forward, giving all that they can give until they can give no more. They persist.

Powerful spirits, beauty exemplified – these women and girls who shine in my life – help me be strong when I feel weak, make me feel beautiful when I feel ugly as sin, and bring out my brave soul when I feel scared.

Whenever I am overwhelmed, when doubt and fear creep in – I breathe and say these inspired words out loud:

I am strong.
I am beautiful.
I am brave.

And all is well again.

Thank you, my beautiful sisters, my lovely nieces, and my graceful sister friends worldwide, – through you, with you, and in you – I boldly take on the world – loving it, giving to it, and enjoying it, for all of time.

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