Tender Wishes

Tender Wishes

Inspired by a special light in my life, a beautiful man – a poem by Nancy Fijan


Tender wishes – O, Sweet tender wishes…


For your heart to fill with my unwavering, pure, passionate love,
For your mind to cleanse, calming past and present turbulent storms,
For your body to thrive beyond love, vibrantly alive – to still kiss me when we’re seventy,
For your soul to forge bountiful beauty, forever gracing the world with melodious bliss.


Tender wishes – O, Sweet tender wishes…


For all your dreams to majestically manifest through your brilliant eyes,
For all your fears to float away as you steer your boat on its destined course,
For all your desires to satiate your exquisite and voracious appetite,
For all your faults to brandish the noble, true-hearted, chivalrous man within.


Tender wishes – O, Sweet tender wishes…


For countless magical moments to make you smile and laugh each day,
For timeless sunsets to soothe and lull you into a peaceful slumber each night,
For a lifetime of spontaneous adventure to comfort and nurture your vagabond blues,
For all the stars to keep divinely aligned, your guardian angel always at your feet.



Inspired by a beautiful man – a poem by Nancy Fijan


Not the deepest of secrets, nor the dirtiest of scars,

The most haunting of memories, blue seas of blame –

No matter who comes out of the woods,

Will my breath ever freeze when sayingI believe in you.


With the love of the Father ripped away,

Wearing out sails, now tattered and torn –

Surviving the dream is destiny’s course;

Gently listening, stroking nose and cheekI believe in you.


Soothing ancient river, revitalizing the soul,

Built internal civilization greater than Rome –

With risk comes sacrifice and golden reward;

Tightly bound beauty, natural embrace…I believe in you.


My Quiet Time

Sitting on my porch before the sun rises with a cup of French pressed coffee with honey and cinnamon, when all is still – no matter the weather or the season, is the way I begin each day. Sometimes the forest, or the mountains, or the ocean, or the banks of a river in a world class city, or the most spectacular view from a magnificent suite 30 stories high looking down at the peaceful power of Niagara Falls – are worthy substitutes of my little porch depending on where I find myself in this big beautiful world.

This is my quiet time – to just be. To bask in the calm silence, to revere in the beauty of nature, and to hear my heart beating. Sometimes it’s the colour of the sky or formation of the clouds that catches my eye – that conjures up a memory or imprints a new one. What is for certain is that the sun will rise each day – and each day I relish this small ritual to ground me, to appreciate me, to count my lucky stars to be alive, and to open my heart and be grateful for all the amazing people who grace my life with love.

This is my quiet time – to patiently work through the most troubling of dilemmas that weigh heavy on my heart. With the sky above me, a vast comforting blanket of clarity, I see beyond doubtful feelings that creep in, and always think of others – of what they have gone through or are going through. And my heart opens when I remember something of them that makes me smile or laugh out loud. In the complexity of life, the warmth of these feelings is fuel from my soul re-energizing the strength of my heart.

This is my quiet time – to listen to and act upon what my heart is saying. The course it plots always leads to an incredible destination, needing humility, bravery, and tenderness to fulfill the journey. A place where mutual love and respect abound, where trust and transparency live true, and where the power of being together is stronger than being alone. Sometimes the path of one may not be the path of the other – the grace in knowing translates into kindness when going.

One of my favourite quotes from Rumi is, “The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.”

What do you hear during your quiet time? What is your heart saying?

I wrote my first song when I was 13

I wrote my first song when I was 13 – music and lyrics. It’s called To My Friend…and here it is:

Found it buried in a box I pulled out from the depths of my cedar lined closet – full of my writing from grade school through to university. When I went through it about a month before I started this blog – a wave of pure and utter joy came over me when reading the words that I had written such a long time ago. I smiled, I laughed, and I vibrated with delight.

When you feel so strongly, in such a good way that defies logic and reason and just is…this is your heart guiding you to action what your soul is wanting to express. It is you at your purest truest self – it is a beacon, it is a light, it is your grand design as crafted by the universe. It is bigger than you, it is needed in the world, it is a humble force looking to beam love and beauty out into the cosmos for all time.

And this song…appropriate content for a throwback Thursday, brings me back to the last year of middle school, and the fond memories of a boy, who caught my eye, who I had a crush on, and for whom I wrote the song. My first adventure in following my feels.

He found out the song was about him – and asked me to slow dance, at the next afternoon school dance, to the last song, Hotel California. He was shaking, and I blushed. And for the rest of that year after school and on weekends, we rode our bikes, played tennis, we listened to music from homemade recorded cassette tapes blaring from a boombox and hung out in the park. For our final year end trip before we all headed to high school, our class went up north to a beautiful lake – and all I can remember from that weekend, was sneaking away with him to watch the sunset at the end of a dock that jutted out forever out onto a calm clear lake. In that moment, time stood still, he held me safely in his arms and we stole our first real kiss – and I never wanted it to end. That summer, he went to water skiing camp and I moved away – we lost touch and I never saw him again. Relationships were slow and simple pre-social media.

This memory is a wonderful piece of the complex fabric of my life – resonating deeply within me and reminding me to keep being brave, to always follow my heart, and to keep writing.

When did you write the first song of your life? One that reflects your true self – and creates beauty in the world. What happened?

I am strong. I am beautiful. I am brave.

Inspired by my sisters, my nieces, and my sister friends, coast to coast in Canada, and around the world


Their eyes support you, and see you – conveying understanding, encouragement, empathy, and concern – without saying one word, holding the most beautiful secrets of your life, twinkling for you when you are experiencing pure happiness and joy, and comforting you during times of need.

Their hearts of gold envelop you – wrapping you up in tender care, kindness, and unconditional love – allowing you to expose your true self without fear, without hesitation, and without judgement.

They know when to make you laugh, using boisterous words – jiggling your belly and filling your eyes with tears – soothing your soul, releasing all anxiety and tension, breathing in better tomorrows.

Their individual strength and strength in numbers, their presence and their voice – always protecting children, always nurturing the earth – creating resilient energy from an internal drive to live and move forward, giving all that they can give until they can give no more. They persist.

Powerful spirits, beauty exemplified – these women and girls who shine in my life – help me be strong when I feel weak, make me feel beautiful when I feel ugly as sin, and bring out my brave soul when I feel scared.

Whenever I am overwhelmed, when doubt and fear creep in – I breathe and say these inspired words out loud:

I am strong.
I am beautiful.
I am brave.

And all is well again.

Thank you, my beautiful sisters, my lovely nieces, and my graceful sister friends worldwide, – through you, with you, and in you – I boldly take on the world – loving it, giving to it, and enjoying it, for all of time.