Tender Wishes

Tender Wishes

Inspired by a special light in my life, a beautiful man – a poem by Nancy Fijan


Tender wishes – O, Sweet tender wishes…


For your heart to fill with my unwavering, pure, passionate love,
For your mind to cleanse, calming past and present turbulent storms,
For your body to thrive beyond love, vibrantly alive – to still kiss me when we’re seventy,
For your soul to forge bountiful beauty, forever gracing the world with melodious bliss.


Tender wishes – O, Sweet tender wishes…


For all your dreams to majestically manifest through your brilliant eyes,
For all your fears to float away as you steer your boat on its destined course,
For all your desires to satiate your exquisite and voracious appetite,
For all your faults to brandish the noble, true-hearted, chivalrous man within.


Tender wishes – O, Sweet tender wishes…


For countless magical moments to make you smile and laugh each day,
For timeless sunsets to soothe and lull you into a peaceful slumber each night,
For a lifetime of spontaneous adventure to comfort and nurture your vagabond blues,
For all the stars to keep divinely aligned, your guardian angel always at your feet.


Graceful Shores

Graceful Shores

Inspired by a special light in my life, a beautiful man – a poem by Nancy Fijan


With eyes of a dreamer,
standing still on the Barassie shore,
staring out to sea,
musing of her,
squinting at love –
Glowing tinges of a setting sun wrap around him,
Like nylon, and her giving embrace.

Enduring memories,
reflections of precious time spent,
smoldering, he smiles –
knowing she gives him reason.

Believing in her light,
she fills his marred heart.

Hands falling off,
longing to rest on,
to feel, her tenderly.

Brushing stray silken hairs away,
sore fingers illuminate her –
you’re gorgeous, his vox,
her hovering face.

O Sweet Reverie!

Walking in the sand,
each day, hand in hand –
blessed souls recharge.

Graceful shores perpetually await.

Beautiful People

Beautiful People


Inspired by two wonderful people who light the world on fire with their timeless love, reminding us that life is truly beautiful and with love in it, anything is possible – a poem by Nancy Fijan


Side by side striding as equals across the room,
knowing, they walk together.
As the sun shines upon the glory of the day,
bird song in the air, they smile together.
Playfully expressing images of wonder and delight,
forever young, they laugh together.
Their presence is a sparkling truth, bubbling
with lavish hopes and simple dreams.


Life stories streaming sadness and joy from sincere,
clear, tender eyes –
Rooted bodies standing close, solid pillars of support
against the wild winds of unrelenting change.
Minds at peace become one, banding together
by wandering gypsy hearts –
Theirs is a timeless vessel, aptly called the
Embodiment of Love.


Alive without fear, reverberating harmoniously, having faith –
Beautiful travelling souls teach love, healing one another
and the world.
Celebrating precious sunsets upon a hill, replenishing
souls with nurturing, soothing energy –
Bear witness to the majestic splendor flourishing
from their seeds of love.

Rain, Always

Inspired by a beautiful man – a poem by Nancy Fijan


Luscious drops descend on us like a thousand kisses –
Upwardly we gaze with curious intensity,
smiling and glancing at each other,
With aqua pura from the heavens,
we cleanse our minds
and release our sins.
We are no longer cold, and tired, and old.


Landslides of tears, for days gone by, and for days to come,
Make us feel, deeply, from our still beating hearts –
a riotous passion,
an uncommon sadness,
and a boundless bliss.
And for today –
your angelic soul silently shines
from your glistening eyes.


Lifting our loving spirits, the velvet sound of
earthly mortality
lulls –
Clarity arrives with the ping of each wet timeless charm.
Quenching our rapture as we bathe in warmly soothing rain –
is the quintessential existence of prolific substance,

The Day They Came

In my final year of high school, we learned about one of the most complex and controversial leaders in the early history of Canada, Louis Riel – an influential Métis leader who sought to preserve Métis rights and culture and led two rebellions against the government of Canada to protect the people – the Red River Rebellion of 1869 and the North-West Rebellion of 1885. He was captured, convicted and hung for high treason, and is also said to be the founder of the province of Manitoba, which now celebrates him each year with a public holiday held in February.

It was the first time I began to understand how disconnected human beings can be in their own humanity. Perhaps I was naïve in thinking that we should all be able to get along, no matter our origins, beliefs and daily routines – and embrace each other from a place of love, curiosity and giving rather than from hate, fear and taking.

One of the assignments we had to complete was to write something – e.g. letter, poem, news article, etc. – reflecting what it was like to be living during that time in Canadian society. I chose to write a poem from the point of view of a young indigenous woman, 18 years of age – the same age as I was then.

For reasons unknown, I never gave it a title. But 20 years after high school, I made a pilgrimage to Louis Riel’s grave at Saint-Bonafice Cathedral in Winnipeg, Manitoba to pay my respects. This history has had a profound and deeply rooted impact on me – shaping my core beliefs of inclusion of all and potential in everyone.

After reading my poem the other day to my sparkle and shine sister, Trina Maher – an Indigenous Inclusion Expert and Member of the Mattagami First Nation in Ontario – she graciously offered this title, “The Day They Came”.  She encouraged me to publish it, especially now, when Canadian society is coming to terms with, including sharing, listening and understanding, what happened in Indian Residential Schools through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, a component of the Residential Schools Settlement Agreement.

This federal commission was established to ensure the voices of all residential school survivors are heard and, with their consent, recorded as historical record and needed to develop a reconciliation agenda. These testimonies resulted in a report with 92 recommendations for action which is now monitored by the new National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation at the University of Manitoba.

To learn more:  




What in history has had such a profound and deeply rooted impact on you, shaping your beliefs?


The Day They Came 

A poem written by Nancy Fijan on February 6, 1987
~ with the title graciously offered by Trina Maher on March 13, 2018


They came in as gentle rains
Bringing knowledge, God and peace,
She glanced.


They grew food and shelters built
Changing her surrounding home,
She watched.


They taught from their spiritual books
Revealing an unknown god,
She glared.


They left by slaughtering her elders
Exposing their true purpose,
She cried.

Fire and Light

A few inconspicuous thoughts on unleashing the fire within and lighting up the world ~


That feeling you get – a tingle or a shiver, or an awesome boom.

That spark of deeply burning flames from the far reaches of your soul – it’s there, breath in and feel it.

You just know.

This is what I’m destined to do, or to pursue, or to become.

It’s being certain, even with a furry beast of fear lurking around in your mind.

Pure joy fills every miniscule pore of you – you burst with illumination.

When mastering what is core to you, it feels as natural as exploring an unknown wilderness.

You know you will be safe, and you follow and watch the sun – every sunrise, every sunset.

To dare and to try with tenacious resolve, you become lionhearted in your own quiet way.

You are doing it for you, because you can – inch by inch, mile by mile.

You move forward with or without the luxury of support or platitudes of praise.

You dream, you create, you perform – and a piece of you imprints on the world, forever.

The spectacle of your heart and soul is aglow with a precocious luster.

You exude what it means to radiate as you wrap the world with your original goodness.

You are fire and light.

Dream With Me

Inspired by a beautiful man – a poem by Nancy Fijan


The soft blush of morning stretches slowly across the endless horizon,

While sitting and savouring each breath of sweet exotic air –

The caress of a gentle tropical breeze lightly brushes her face,

Like worn fingers finding comfort in touching exquisite silk stockings.


The soothing rhythm of rolling turquoise waves massage the shoreline,

Over and over again, back and forth – calming motion, endless trance –

The tingling sensation of toes curling in the velvety, wet, warm sand,

Kneading delicately serene and clandestine thoughts of starry revelry.


Gazing out forever into the vast union of blue ocean and wild yonder,

A pair of gulls dance, calling and chasing, round and round, up and down –

Being one in the wind, watching a timeless story unfold,

Peace and love in this moment, smiling from the soul – dream with me.