Written 25 years ago, in December 1992, for a special friend to read at the funeral of his grandmother who had lived on a farm in Port Perry, Ontario, and subsequently shared in the same manner by a dear friend for her grandmother who had lived on a farm in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan ~ photo credits to my talented sister, Erica Mitchell

The Barn by Nancy Fijan, December 1992

She was covered with majestic splendour, yet time took that away.

Each crack, each splinter, each nail held captive a story

Of sorrow, of grandeur – of life, so regal, rich and full.

As the years rode forward over the plains of time,

She protected all who meekly came before her.

Hers was a noble existence, complete with cherished memories of love,

No man could say that she was without a soul,

For the soul she had was that of man, honest and true.

She gave all that she could give until she could give no more;

All for the sake of goodness and family, priceless treasures of humanity.

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