Discovered in my box of joy, one of my favourite poems written many moons ago – the words still ring strong and true and are deeply foreshadowing.

It was the beginning of the 80’s as you can see by the tasteful pink and purple marker accents.

Perhaps inspired by getting up early to watch Lady Di’s wedding to Prince Charles in July of 1981 or listening to Diana Ross and Lionel Richie’s Endless Love on 45RPM vinyl on my wee record player in my room for hours on end.

I remember writing it out long hand more than once to get it just so – no liquid paper allowed in school at the time.

O, the wisdom of youth!


You Were Made to Live

– a poem written by Nancy Fijan, January 22, 1982


You were made to live, to love, and to learn.

To live like human beings,

Not like animals in the wilderness.

To love everyone and everything,

Not to hate or deceive.

To learn from your elders,

From whom the wisdom will come.

And to be yourself,

Not what others want you to be.

You were made to live.

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