Mothers’ Love by Nancy Fijan, December 2017

Warm as the smell of HER cookies baking,
Brave like the rays of our powerful sun,
Generous, selfless, and fearless HER zest,
Mothers’ Love leaps with an arduous heart.

SHE protects us from crashing waves of change,
Pushing potential, confidence builder,
Minimizes bad, maximizes good,
Mothers’ Love forges clever consciousness.

Comforting arms encircle, healing hugs,
Years soothing bruises, cuts, and broken bones,
Nurturing us through our life’s marathon,
Mothers’ Love fortifies this fine framework.

Gentle listener, hums melodic words,
HER affection graces humanity;
SHE sees beauty in everyone – young, old,
Mothers’ Love, inspired soul and humble force.

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