Welcome to anaphoraonline.com, a blog where I share my writing with you – my verses, my reflections, and what I like to call my snips (brief insights). Although I was hoping to secure anaphora.com as the domain name, anaphoraonline.com resonates better given I will be sharing these pieces, 10 to 11 each month, via the digital world. This work is me on a plate – complex, savoury, and sweet – leaving you glad that you had a chance to experience it and hopefully wanting more. My reflection in the About section explains how I got here – now, let me tell you a little more about me and why I chose this domain name.

I fell in love with words, and the power of words, a very long time ago. After immigrating to Canada from Croatia with my parents in the late 60’s, I started kindergarten a few years later as an English as a Second Language student because I only spoke Croatian. With the support of many wonderful teachers and Sesame Street, I quickly got hold of the language, bringing my parents along with me – and my passion for it has continued ever since.

Those who know me very well, also know that I have this innate desire to master what I don’t know or do very well, particularly when it benefits me and my loved ones. And I’ve learned over time, through many humbling failed attempts, when to step away – for example, I’ll never be a singer or musician – I can’t hold a tune and am an uncoordinated klutz when it comes to counting time.

My BA from the University of Toronto was the result of a four-year journey studying English literature and British and European History – writing on average 15 term papers and essays a year. This mastery drive continued when I completed my MBA at Dalhousie University to better understand the complex ever changing world of business; and brings joy to my family every Christmas when I make a croquembouche for them. Grateful for my Dad, he helped me perfect the construction of this towering delight – in my first couple of attempts, it looked more like an island.

Given my deep and passionate connection with the English language and literature, I wanted the blog name to reflect some aspect of it. While scanning an old literary devices textbook, I came across an unfamiliar term, anaphora. It resonated with me for two reasons – my Mom’s name is Ana, and its definition, essentially, is the use of repetition in writing or speech to emphasize an idea and to evoke emotion – to motivate, to inspire, to persuade, and to encourage. Think of your favourite – chorus of a song, litany in church, powerful speech, piece of literature or daily affirmation – for the most memorable of these, the writer probably used anaphora to amplify this artistic effect.

Let me tell you about my Mom, Ana.

My Mom, Ana, is my biggest supporter, encourager, and influence in my life.
My Mom, Ana, teaches me about love, courage, and how to both leap and move forward.
My Mom, Ana, has raised four daughters, helped my Dad run his small business, and now shares in the delight of sharing her love and wisdom with six grandchildren.
My Mom, Ana, takes care of and makes our home, a home – full of warmth and light, and always with music playing in the background.
My Mom, Ana, will always have something for you to eat and drink, and you will always leave with take away, whether you wanted it or not!
My Mom, Ana, is very well versed in current world events, enjoys engaging with you in amazing conversation about almost any topic, and in highly spirited debates!
My Mom, Ana, has a beautiful soothing soul and loving heart – she will give you all that she has to help you, unconditionally and never wavering.

Through connecting these incredible influences in my life, my Mom and my love of the English language – here I am sharing me with you via anaphoraonline.com.

When you think of meaningful words, repetition, and your Mom or a strong female influencer in your life, what comes to mind? What stays with you in your heart? What drives you forward each day? What makes you think twice before acting? Here is a list of phrases that my Mom has repeated and continues to repeat to all of us throughout our lives:

  • Save your money!
  • Go for it!
  • Things will always work out in the end.
  • Tomorrow is another day.
  • Treat others like how you want to be treated.

Love to hear what you think and look forward to reading your list.

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