A poem by Nancy Fijan

The sweetness of summer dreaming away,

Gazing at soft green leaves of a maidenhair tree;

Playfully cast words whirl and spin –

Just so, the chase begins.

The pink and purple glow of a setting sun,

When picturesque lost hours run vibrant,

Timidly uncovers rapidly beating hearts –

Both knowingly release each other, each taking part.

Dawn exposes weakness in becoming one,

Brutal old wounds buried beyond flesh;

Like changing clouds, both sides now

Nurture a sweet breath of life back into love.

Lingering nights, the openness of time,

Reaching a mutually exclusive vista –

Vintage straps holding on tight,

A magnetic sleepless grasp, with all their might.

The dance of autumn rustles with excitement

After each sultry longing step;

Healing, clinging with soulful tenderness,

Slowly swaying, stronger together in bliss.

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