Follow your heart or chase your ego?

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It was the last of four days of introspection, inspiration and interaction – a lovely afternoon in early December 2016 at the Park Hyatt in Zurich. We were channeling our inner child while working with crayons to sketch out a picture of what we wanted to accomplish in the coming year. I timidly drew a mountain range, perhaps inspired by the charming country I was fortunate to be in then – Switzerland.

And there I stood on top of the third mountain – smile on my face and looking ahead to another mountain range in the distance that I wanted to conquer in the coming year. Reflecting back – I’m thinking, yeah, so what? I can climb mountains, but what was I chasing? Glory? Accomplishment? To what end? For what purpose? Was I chasing my ego again?

While reviewing my artistic splendour with my table mate, he quite gingerly pointed out that something was missing – my heart. Something clicked for me and I shook, it felt like lightening striking – and I immediately drew a wee little heart on my stick figure me with my pink pen. It was the most significant revelation I’ve had in years – and one that I’m forever grateful in receiving.

dec 2016 nf drawing

Thank you, Grahame – your gentle and thoughtful perspective at that moment in time opened me up to a beautiful year, full of love – giving it and receiving it, and following my heart in all facets of my life. I appreciate you.

Flash forward to another lovely afternoon in early December 2017 at the Ritz in Toronto, Canada – after another four I-inspiring days, we completed the same exercise. After doing an incredible amount of inner work and having the sweetest year of my life, my heart now became the focal point of my drawing. It influences how I deeply connect with people in my life, how I curiously create and channel my work, my contribution, and how I bravely explore new experiences and adventures to satisfy my wanderlust.

dec 2017 nf drawing

Those who know me well, know that when I think too much, my Type-A ego presents itself – they also know that I have the biggest heart – caring, supporting, and sharing my unconditional love. The difference in my perspective year over year, as evidenced in my drawings, is a result of being true to myself, having the right people and experiences in my life, and having the courage to change, to stop chasing my ego and to start following my heart.

Do you follow your heart, or do you chase your ego? 

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