Written one evening on my way home from work in the spring of 2006

Change and Circumstance by Nancy Fijan, Spring of 2006

I met a fellow today, on my subway ride into work.

Quite an eccentric man, John A Macdonald’s cartoon.

“Can you spare some change for coffee?”, he asked elegantly with toothless grin.

A bright gleam and lost excitement in his eyes, told stories of long ago,

Bourgeois mannerisms from past routines danced with him, round and round.

In his prime, he knew it all, he had it all, he moved and shook the world, in all the right ways

Chards of a riches to rags story fell from his mouth as we exchanged like friends of old.

“Dad told me to get out of Real Estate”, he said needing to justify his misfortune.

I reacted, without hesitation, and reached in my purse.

With clear gaze and gentle grin, I stretched out some coin

“Care to join me for coffee?”, he asserted, his invitation with honest pride and expectation,

Surprise and circumstance made me chuckle, and blush, and politely bid him adieu.

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