Fire and Light

A few inconspicuous thoughts on unleashing the fire within and lighting up the world ~


That feeling you get – a tingle or a shiver, or an awesome boom.

That spark of deeply burning flames from the far reaches of your soul – it’s there, breath in and feel it.

You just know.

This is what I’m destined to do, or to pursue, or to become.

It’s being certain, even with a furry beast of fear lurking around in your mind.

Pure joy fills every miniscule pore of you – you burst with illumination.

When mastering what is core to you, it feels as natural as exploring an unknown wilderness.

You know you will be safe, and you follow and watch the sun – every sunrise, every sunset.

To dare and to try with tenacious resolve, you become lionhearted in your own quiet way.

You are doing it for you, because you can – inch by inch, mile by mile.

You move forward with or without the luxury of support or platitudes of praise.

You dream, you create, you perform – and a piece of you imprints on the world, forever.

The spectacle of your heart and soul is aglow with a precocious luster.

You exude what it means to radiate as you wrap the world with your original goodness.

You are fire and light.

2017 – a year on my china cabinet

In addition to the stories, songs and quotes on Twitter that inspired or moved me in 2017 (refer to my Dec 31 post: ), the other ‘medium’ in my home that acts as a living poster or visual of all memorable moments or occasions and lovely mementos of the year with and from family and friends – is the china cabinet.

The image above depicts what it looks like right now – it’s full of photos, cards and mementos accumulated throughout the year. Each one lovingly fastened after a special moment of joy – whether living, looking at or reading it. Each one bringing a smile to my face, a warm feeling in my heart, and sometimes even fits of laughter depending on what’s written in the card or reliving what was going on at that moment in time.

One of my favourite mementos for 2017 is the coaster from Leopold’s Tavern in Regina, Saskatchewan – my wonderful friend Karina sent it along with her Christmas card. I could write a comedy movie script about that one long afternoon turning into a late night at that local bar back in September of 2016 – I relived every moment once I saw the coaster, and began laughing until I cried. Another gorgeous memento is the bright green kangaroo ornament, a thoughtful gift from my amazing Australian friends – Danette and Grahame. It’s a reminder to visit them Down Under one day very soon ❤

Many of the newly added photos mark special occasions we celebrated this year – including the graduation of my nephew, Markus – now a paramedic, my niece Leila’s Thanksgiving poem that she belted out loud whilst standing on a dining room chair, my sister Erica’s wedding, and the birth of my niece Jaclyn. All beautiful moments in time.

The china cabinet is the focal point of every family gathering – birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Reminding us of accomplishments, how much we love each other, and special memories shared with each other. It’s a monument of love. It’s a source of inspiration. It’s a joy board. It reminds me how grateful I am for having such loving family and friends in my life – everyday. And it is now time to reset it for 2018 – the cards will come down, and some of the photos, and some will remain like the kangaroo and the coaster 😊

What does your joy board look like?