Dream With Me

Inspired by a beautiful man – a poem by Nancy Fijan


The soft blush of morning stretches slowly across the endless horizon,

While sitting and savouring each breath of sweet exotic air –

The caress of a gentle tropical breeze lightly brushes her face,

Like worn fingers finding comfort in touching exquisite silk stockings.


The soothing rhythm of rolling turquoise waves massage the shoreline,

Over and over again, back and forth – calming motion, endless trance –

The tingling sensation of toes curling in the velvety, wet, warm sand,

Kneading delicately serene and clandestine thoughts of starry revelry.


Gazing out forever into the vast union of blue ocean and wild yonder,

A pair of gulls dance, calling and chasing, round and round, up and down –

Being one in the wind, watching a timeless story unfold,

Peace and love in this moment, smiling from the soul – dream with me.


It’s Me

Inspired by a beautiful man ~

It’s Me
– a poem by Nancy Fijan

Soft evening light drapes over her bare shoulders

And trembling stance, her mind narrows

While her heart roars,

Forlorn desire releases from her soul

When he whispers to reassure her, it’s me

Delightful morning escapade

Surrounded by rumbling falls

Hindered –

Knots and notions of shame dissolve

When he whispers to comfort her, it’s me

Strong arms wrap around her,

Holding her, caressing her,

A velvet voice soothes her

And enlivens her worn spirit

When he whispers to protect her, it’s me

Wildly fierce winds portend vicissitude,

Golden opportunities from the cosmos

Alter their course,

Her flood of tears hamper sleep

When he whispers to appease her, it’s me

Beautiful moments in time

Embolden her and enlighten him,

Fire and light, stars burning bright,

Mutual love and respect forthright,

She whispers to him, it’s me.